Vickery Internet

Internet Provider for Gem County

Tired of slow internet? Look no further!

With our growing number of towers and wider coverage we are providing high speed internet to more people every day.


While other providers limit you with tiered packages, we get you the fastest speed possible. Our goal is to get every customer at least +50mbps.


Being a local business, we take pride in our service and knowing our customers. We go to great lengths to ensure you always have internet.


No buckets, data caps or contracts. All the internet your heart desires.

Gem County has been our home for most of our lives. We grew up here on the Emmett bench and love it to this day. The most significant obstacle to living outside of town is finding a satisfactory internet service provider. After switching providers every few years, we got so fed up with the unreliable service we were paying for, that we made the decision to bite the bullet and pay to have fiber run to our house. Following that decision, many of our neighbors started asking us for internet, we decided to start our own company providing this necessary service. This is how Vickery Internet was born. We are brothers that are very passionate about our company and the service we have to offer. We strive to provide top-quality internet service to the rural areas of Gem County. 

You can contact Justin for more information at:


(208) 740-0498


Or check us out on Facebook HERE